Arete Coaching & Consulting Offers Clinical Intervention Services

Family intervention uses the power of love and concern to break through denial and get your loved one into treatment. By organizing family members and friends in a very specific way, as laid out in Love First, we are able to get results that were impossible in the past.

The keys to a successful intervention are planning, preparation and technique. Many people think they’ve tried everything, but often family members have been working against each other. They have never taken an organized approach or worked with a professional interventionist.

Intervention unifies the family and gets everyone working together. Before the intervention ever takes place, the team goes through a planning and rehearsal process that leaves nothing to chance. 

Here’s an excerpt from Love First, by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay:

“In the past, expressions of love were delegated to a few brief sentences during an intervention. We’ve learned that when we expand the role of love in intervention, it is love that first breaks through denial, not toughness. Using love first, we often never have to use tough love.”

Arete Coaching & Consulting is offering Clinical Intervention Services based upon my training in the Love First model ( This model of intervention, which has been designated by Hazelden as a best practice, is defined by one rule and one rule only: we wish to persuade an individual suffering from addiction to enter treatment while preserving their dignity and worth as a human being. 

We train and support the family and other significant people in the addicted individual’s life to lovingly and effectively persuade that individual to enter treatment so that the family and friends might be once again reunited with the man or woman they lost to addiction so long ago.

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